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The Dark Ages of My Youth

We Used to Play Marbles

  Does anyone play marbles anymore? When I was in grade school, not only did we play marbles, it also was a school competition. I had forgotten that until a week ago, when I returned to the small town in southern Missouri where I attended the third grade. We also...

A Tribute to Charles Krauthammer

I have admired Charles Krauthammer since I first heard him speak on a television news program years ago. He said something to the effect that both Democrats and Republicans were idiots. He believed political extremism from any source was a plague. This was noteworthy...

Something Special About Small Towns

I spent a good chunk of my youth growing up in small towns. There is something special about these places that has become lost in the city. A small town’s personality is tangible and palpable as you drive through the streets. Its history can be read on every corner,...